Friday, July 6, 2012

[For Men]: Fabulous Masculine Home Design in Australia

Photos via Design Hunter

This house is a quite perfect representation of the 5 principles of design, there is:
* Balance/Harmony by symmetric disposition of furniture, 
* Rhythm/Unity by repeating the color palette in all the different rooms, 
* Proportion by choosing furniture to scale, no extra space and no lack of space
* Emphasis by choosing focal points in every room, with art, rugs, etc...
* Color by combining the warm color of wood with the cool grey color and can be enhance by texture.

P.S. A great tip for those who do not have a dream walk-in closet, create a full wall of closets ideally in a hallway and add a curtain at the entrance and place a mirror at the end, and there you have your one-of-a-kind walk in closet and dressing room as shown on the fifth image above. 


kat | dot dot dash said...

gorgeous home. definitely my kind of spaces: simple, clean and monochrome with a touch of timber for warmth!

Miriam-NEMM Design said...

thanks, Kat! it's definitely a great house! I enjoyed your Simple Kitchens Post and the Beach Huts!