About me

Passionate Interior Designer. Accomplished Lawyer. Happy Jack-of-all trades.

Beach bound. Tennis lover. Experienced snow skier. Amateur photographer. Artist at heart. Latin American by birth. European by breed. Fluently trilingual.

The Sun nourishes me. The World inspires me. Freedom drives me. Family strengthen me.

Through these pages, I would like to provide hints to living well through chic design and things I love, hoping you will love them too. I try to share lifestyle inspiration that is within reach, that you can implement in your everyday life and interiors. A series of small pleasures make a beautiful life. Elegance, refinement, simple luxuries do not depend on money, they depend on good taste and good taste can be learned...

I am a firm believer that your home reflects your personality. Embrace renovations because they can be affordable...a new space is a new life.

Love the way you live. Live well...