Friday, March 8, 2013

Art Wynwood Miami February 2013

J. Roberto Diago
untitled, 2012
Mixed Media on Canvas

Karen Gunderson
Chuning Sea - Imagine How, 2012

Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri
Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay) Dreaming
Acrylic on Canvas

Mayme Kratz
Mixed Media 

Alan Magee
Beach Stones, 1980
Acrylic on Canvas

Max-Steven Grossman
Photography 2011


Photography by NEMM Design Group, Inc.

This a collection of my favorite art from my trip to Art Wynwood Miami in February. Of course, most of the art was out of reach financially speaking but what a great exhibition for the eyes...I was particularly impressed by the Aborigean art from Australia and stunned by some of the mixed media art...

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