Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guest Blog Post @ Image South Fine Art: A Home Theater Within Reach...

As you all know by now, I am an artist by design so I am thrilled and extremely honored to have been invited as a guest blogger to post for Image South Fine Art, a leading publisher of limited editions prints, original fine art and high quality artwork. You will find stunning pieces to incorporate in your space and refresh your interiors. There is something for every taste in their catalog. I, myself, found one piece of artwork that will beautifully enhance the project featured in the guest blog post. I have a special attachment to it because it brings back beautiful memories of the time when I lived in the South of France.

Since we are in the winter, in the midst of the tv entertainment season, I felt that anybody will feel like there is no better place to enjoy movies and shows than the warmth of your own home. So, I prepared a Lookboard for a Home Theater within Reach that you can work on by yourself and provided you with useful design tips to create an amazing space.

Thank you for this great fabulous opportunity!

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