Friday, August 12, 2011


My happy place is....the beach.

"Sometimes I come here for the sunset, the pink and lavender sky. Sometimes I come at night, when the horizon becomes pearly below the glow of the moon. I come for inspiration, for solace and for answers to internal questions,[...], professional dilemmas or relationship struggles. Sometimes I come when I'm just overwhelmed and need to ground my feet in the wet sand. Sometimes I come here to remember the past. Sometimes I come to forget. Sometimes I come to dream of the future and draw out plans and possibilities. Mostly I come here out of gratitude. No matter the chaos of my life, the beach remains tranquil and welcoming, a constant companion." By Patricia Engel, author of Vida.

I couldn't have expressed myself better, that's exactly me...sometimes I just come for fun because
my happy place is the beach!

Have a Happy Weekend!

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